Curator Note

We initiated this project as a celebration of more than three decades of diplomatic ties between the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China. This exchange exhibit serves as an experimental channel for direct connections among contemporary studio faculty members in both cultures.

Gravitating toward uniqueness is typical in new artistic creation and cultural expression, which may inadvertently overemphasize contradictory outcomes stemming from differences. Sharing similarities—especially artistic sensitivity and creative vision—and reflecting upon connections and distinctions can create opportunities to bond and open a space for interconnectedness, the ultimate goal of this project.

We believe that the ongoing development of thought-provoking ideas and enduring approaches helps foster greater mutual trust and intensified understanding among global communities.




我们相信,持續发展出令人深省的想法和耐久不衰的交流方式,将会促进全球社区间的相互理解, 增强互信。


In preparation for this multiyear project that crosses national borders, the substantial talent pool and numerous advancement units at three universities have been tapped and mobilized. We are especially honored to gain the support and help from the following:

Kent State University
1. College of the Arts
2. Corporate and Foundation Relations
3. Kent State University Museum
4. Office of Global Education
5. School of Art
6. School of Fashion
7. School of Visual Communication Design and the Glyphix Studio
8. University Research Council

Hebei Normal University
1. College of Fine Arts and Design
2. College of Foreign Languages
3. College of Software Development
4. Division of International Cooperation
5. Hebei Normal University Museum
6. Office of Vice President Dai Jianbing

Sichuan University
1. College of the Arts
2. College of Foreign Languages
3. Office of International Relations

This project has received generous support from the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation, KSU Research Council, and the AY2013-14 Catalyst Project grant from KSU College of the Arts.